Why buy new sliding window catches rather than pre-owned ones for your Classic Mini Cooper ?

chrome sliding window catches mini cooper


With the arrival on the market of new metal window openings, you can now genuinely find yourself hesitating between buying a new or pre-owned component.

However, after analysis, it seems that buying new parts is the ideal choice for the simple reason that these parts are almost impossible to find. And if by any stroke of luck you find them, they either would be in poor condition or the set would be incomplete.


The search for the perfect part

Whether at Mini MK1 and MK2 spare parts dealers, or on auction sites, it has become almost impossible to find a complete set of window openings. And if by any chance you find a complete set in good condition, the prices will wipe the smile off your face.

The condition of Mini Cooper used parts

As previously mentioned, it is indeed possible to find used Mini Cooper sliding window catches on the internet. The main problem is the state. Most of the parts are very worn because they are usually rusty or oxidized.


The arduous task of searching for parts on the internet

Luckily, from time to time, you can find a part in good condition. But it is never a complete set, there are always several openings and joints missing. Buying an incomplete set is synonymous with complications: you will have to find the missing parts, which will take a lot of time and luck, and there is no guarantee that a buyer will put up for sale the exact parts you are missing.


Buying a new set of window openings is the assurance of having a complete set in perfect condition, while avoiding spending years looking for parts that are out of order and in their original condition.